El Romanço de Llorenç

El Romanço de Llorenç, performed by Pei Hwee Tan and Francesc Torrent, is a theatrical narration in two voices, of a possible story —between legendary tales and real life events– of the region of Penedès in Catalonia.

The two performers created and wrote the story after numerous sessions of meetings with the old people in the village of Llorenç del Penedès, together with intensive research into traditional songs and styles of storytelling from Catalonia.

El Romanço de Llorenç was presented in October 2011 as an event within the project Simbiòtic 2011 (produced by CRA’P and Portal Nou), a framework that proposed different work collaborations, seeking to develop distinct symbiotic relationships and exchanges between the artists and the people of Llorenç del Penedès.


El Pes de la Palla, a documentary film



In the year 2011/2012, La Vella Fam (in collaboration with Feyts) undertook a special project: the filming of a documentary film. We seeked to perceive ourselves, “westerners”, from an outside point of view. The intention was to interview someone from a different cradle, who could put into words what he perceived in the “westerners”.

«What are our fears made of?; “What is the value we give to the ‘word’?; How do we live ‘time’?; Is there anything sacred in our place?» These are some of the questions that were posed to Oumar Diallo. In its 42mn duration, El Pes de la Palla intends to place a mirror in front of the westerners, giving thus a chance to become aware of our behavioral habits.

The documentary is now visiting some European institutions connected with intercultural issues.

Fills del drap – Retaule d’una caiguda, una peça de teatre

Since July 2011, and simultaneously to the creation of El Romanço de Llorenç, F. Torrent and P.H. Tan started working with David Eudave, creating material for a possible performance. Leonardo Mancini came into the group in November 2011. From January 2012 on, we can already speak of a new piece: Fills del drap – Retaule d’una caiguda.

Between May and July, the piece visited different European sites:

1/ Le Mans –28, 29 May– presentations of the piece at La Fonderie, site of  Théâtre du Radeau. It was shown to the resident group at that time.

2/ Palermo –14, 15 June– presentations of the piece at the church of San Giovanni Decollato.

3/ Torino –14, 15 June– presentations at the site of Laboratorio Permanente di Ricerca sull’Arte dell’Attore di Domenico Castaldo.

4/ Mollet del Vallès –4, 5 July– presentations at CRA’P – pràctiques de creació i recerca artística

5/ Barcelona –9, 10 July– presentations at Teatre Almeria in the frame of Festival Barcino’12.

6/ Barcelona –22 i 26, 27, 28 July– presentations at Estudi Sargantana.


Between September and October, the piece visited different Mexican sites:

7/ Guanajuato –25, 26 September–, invited by Dirección General de Cultura de Guanajuato.

8/ Mazatlán –4, 5 October–, Festival Escena Mazatlán 2012, invited by Instituto Municipal de Cultura de Mazatlán.

9/ Tlaquepaque –12, 13 October–, Festival Tlaquepaque en Escena 2012 (2nd edition), invited by c.i.n.d.r.a.